Just two days after this birth, I was asked how did I like photographing births. Normally my answer is something to the effect of “it’s very fun and very exciting” etc, but with the birth of Victoria so fresh on my mind and on my heart, I couldn’t quite answer with the same usual enthusiasm. This is the story of Victoria Rose. sign


While in labor, Chelsea received the devastating news that there were no heart tones. Her baby was no longer living, but would still need to be born.  She was now faced with the rest of her labor, delivery, and recovery while trying to cope with the unbearable.


Chelsea’s best friends.
best friends
hugging grandma

Victoria was born at 1:58pm. She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20.5 inches long.  She & her parents were surround by people who love and support them – grandparents, older siblings, friends, aunts & uncles, such love filled this room.
first look

with dad

Grandparents.with grandma

This sweet little boy, who had just become a big brother, was a ray of sunshine. He was full of smiles and he lit up the room. He repeatedly commented on how pretty his baby sister was.
ray of sunshine

labor room


dad & daughter


mom & baby

baby toes
Victoria’s hand being cradled, loved, protected by her siblings and parents’ hands.
family hands
Sweet Victoria Rose, you are loved and missed by so many!
victoria rose

We share happy stories all the time. We may even share mad or angry or scared stories fairly often. But sad, painful stories…. How often do we share those? I’ve thought about how we are all living on this earth together but we are all experiencing completely different things. It could be one person’s wedding day, and for someone else it could be the worst day ever. I’ve been driving down the freeway and passed a friend whom I knew was heading out of town to go on vacation and I was driving to Costco. She was doing something exciting and I was running boring errands. While other mamas who gave birth this day got to take their babies home, Chelsea didn’t.

Victoria would’ve been five weeks old tomorrow.  The time that has passed doesn’t make it any easier for her family.

We each have our struggles. Some are bigger and deeper than others, some are just different. We have plenty of silly first-world problems like long lines at Starbucks or wanting the new iPhone, but please be aware of those around you. Reach out to someone who might need your help today. Give a hug or a smile. Mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that need comfort. And if it’s you that needs the comfort, remember to take one day at a time, one breath at a time.
empty chair