12:45 pm Based on her prior pregnancies, Elizabeth was concerned about laboring too fast and not being able to call her birth team in time, etc, so when she went to the hospital, we all went to the hospital! I always tell my clients “I’d rather have you call me too early than too late!” If it’s way too early I can always go home, or go run errands, or have lunch or whatever, and then come back when things have progressed more. But if it’s too late, then it’s just too late and I either walk in with just minutes to spare or miss the actual birth by a few minutes. This (missing the actual birth) doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s usually because mama didn’t call me soon enough and things progress faster than she expected there at the end. This is birth! Always unpredictable, never really following any sort of rules. Better to call to early than to call too late! So, Elizabeth would probably tell you labor wasn’t going as fast as she had expected (which is totally ok!) but in reality she was progressing just fine.

Elizabeth had surrounded herself with a fantastic birth team. First and most importantly, she had her supportive husband, then Meagan Heaton as her doula, and Lupe Cruz as her midwife. PLUS the nurses were fantastic!

3:22 pm I always love watching the couples work together. I probably sound like a broken record at this point, because I think I say this with every birth that I post about.  It really is such a treasure to witness!
And Meagan and her tireless service as a doula – she was incredible!  As you can see throughout these photos, she is physically helping a ton, but probably even more important was her attitude.  Meagan was positive and upbeat the entire time, which is a vital quality to have.  As mamas labor, they can sometimes get tired, exhausted, frustrated, and discouraged.  Having a doula who can stay positive and help mama keep a clear head can really make a difference in how the birth goes.

Elizabeth is a super sweet and very thoughtful person.  When I look at these photos, my heart swells with love for her because she is just a really great person!  She is very good with details and making things special.  She wore this beautiful necklace while she labored.  The three swallows represent her three daughters.  This baby #4 is a little brother!!   

8:23 pm Labor is getting harder.

10:13 pm Little man is born!  Elizabeth is overjoyed and relieved to be done!  Do you remember that feeling??  Being so glad that the birth is finally over?  Lol such a great feeling!

Welcome to the family, little brother!