Just a few weeks ago, Wasatch Midwifery opened the doors to their brand new birth center and Adrienne was kind enough to give me a private tour.  I also got to visit with Adrienne for a little bit.  She is an outdoorsy person, she loves to ski, and a big added bonus to her birth center’s location – besides easy freeway access – is the gorgeous views of the Wasatch Mountains.  Located on Wasatch Boulevard, the birth center has large windows – frosted in the birthing rooms for privacy – that let in lots of beautiful light and the view of the mountains.  It is a calming, soothing, wonderful view I think any laboring woman will enjoy.

As Adrienne showed me around the center, it was fun to see her pride in her workmanship, her attention to detail, her thoughtfulness for her clients’ needs and how she could best fill them. The center is the culmination of many, many life and educational experiences that have brought her to this point and it really is a great thing to see someone put their heart and soul into their endeavors. You can read some tidbits about her life here. While we were chatting, Adrienne made a comment about really becoming comfortable as a midwife after about 10 years. Her comment reminded me of the 10,000 hour principle, which is that after 10,000 hours (approximately 10 years) of dedicated practice and experience, one can be deemed an expert in their field (or at least extremely proficient!) Having experience and the knowledge and skills that accompany it is incomparable, no matter what your profession is, but especially in choosing a midwife.   Experience and knowledge and skill matter, and Adrienne’s got them! 

I asked Adrienne what is her favorite thing about helping women give birth.  Her response was “Watching women come into their own.”  It’s such perfect response I don’t even have any words to add to it.

If you are shopping for a midwife, or just want to see a beautiful birth center, contact Adrienne.  Welcome Wasatch Midwifery Birth Center to Salt Lake City!