My Perfect Portrait Session

Sometimes moms (and dads) think everything has to be “perfect” – perfect smiles, perfectly clean shirts and shoes, perfect attitudes. In my opinion, a perfect portrait session is one in which the family members are enjoying this time with each other and strengthening their bonds with each other through creating these portraits. My perfect portrait sessions often take place in the comfort of my clients’ homes, where everyone can “be themselves.” I often whisper to my clients to move their arm here or look over there, so as to not distract small children or interrupt the flow of the session. With journalistic style, I often shoot when it may not be expected – I may be focusing on the detail of your hands or the baby’s feet, Dad looking at his son, or other sweet moments. My perfect images are not ones where everyone is sitting just so and smiling with the “Say Cheese.” My perfect images are ones in which thoughtfulness, feeling and emotion are more important than sitting up straight and smiling nice. I enjoy utilizing black & white and other vintage looks to give my images even more of a timeless feel. My goal is to create images that are honest, meaningful, and that will be cherished for years to come.

I want you to glow with happiness because you love yourself and those you are being photographed with.

I realize I am using the word “perfect” more than once or twice. Things that are perfect are sometimes considered to be without flaw. I am referring to things that are whole and complete.