Photographer Investment

As the photographer, I help choose the perfect setting for your portraits, I give tips on wardrobe choices, I arrange my schedule so I can photograph at the appropriate times of day, I work up a sweat climbing on things to get the perfect shot, I get dirty as I lay on my belly to get the perfect angle, I get pooped on by precious newborns, I get laughed at by adorable toddlers, I wait for babies that need their mamas, I pose so that you will know how to pose, I encourage being natural, I observe love, I release the shutter as you walk as you laugh as you snuggle, I detail what makes you “you,” I follow your relationships with each other, I drive home from portrait sessions “worn out” but in a good way, I agonize over technicalities when editing your images, I critique and critique and critique again, I sigh at how beautiful you are, and then I blog about how awesome you are. You are not hiring me for the one or two hours on the day of your portraits, you are hiring me for the fifteen years of photography experience and knowledge that it took me to get to this point.

Client Investment

As the client, I expect you to ponder and plan and then ponder and plan some more. Ask yourself: Why do I desire having portraits created at this time? What is it about this stage of my life that I would most like to remember? What would I like these portraits to say about me? Where am I going to hang this piece of art that is my portrait? Who am I going to share this portrait with as a gift print or card? As you answer these questions, you should be formulating the perfect outfit, the perfect accessories, and the perfect props. I’m not saying that tons of accessories and props are always necessary, because a simple portrait can be equally (and oftentimes more) compelling than an elaborate set-up. Now is the time to decide these things. Your investment in your portraits is to make them utterly and completely “you”!

Monetary Investment

Life Portrait Sessions begin at $350. I take a very limited number of weddings per year. Please contact me for more details.