Jessica makes me look and feel beautiful!

Lara Cook

I will always cherish having the most phenomenal birth photographer at my 6th birth. She captured what I could not see and those pictures are priceless. She also brought such a calm and loving energy into the room. I’m forever grateful to Jessica Benson!


We still look back on those pictures and are so glad that we made the decision to work with Jessica.

Sheila Reddy

I am so in love with the pictures Jessica takes of our family. She always has location ideas that fit exactly the type of picture I want and each year it feels unique and different. The shoot is simple and easy. She somehow always captures the personalities of my children so perfectly and so beautifully.

Virginia Sorensen

She’s genuinely kind and comfortable to be around.

Clair Scott

When I received the disk, I was blown away! The moments she captured for me were simply amazing. I still cry every time I look them and I am able to relive that incredible day over and over again! I would absolutely hire Jessica for my next birth, because giving birth is one of the greatest moments in life that I never want to forget and should absolutely be captured in photographs!


Birth photography was a fairly new idea to me. I have had two children previously and did not have a birth photographer. With my third I decided to hire Jessica to capture those tender moments that my dear husband wasn’t able to. The birth experience with my son was unique in that I was given medication where I wasn’t able to stay alert or awake. This was something I hadn’t anticipated. I am disappointed that I can’t remember much of my son’s birth but so incredibly grateful for the beautiful shots I have from Jessica. The images are beautiful and a special keepsake for my family and I. She captured so eloquently the birth process, our emotion and our love for our son. Thank you Jessica, xoxo.