For the last couple of years, I’ve posted my birth stats for the year.  It has been a fun way to keep track of things and maybe see trends and just remember and celebrate those babies in general.  I’ve had years where I’ve been very busy with births and other years, like 2018, where I’ve taken not so many.  I recently read a blog post by a photographer friend about mast years in trees.  Basically, the tree has a “mast year” where it produces an overabundance of fruit and how this is actually a lot of work for the tree and not every year can be a mast year because it would harm the tree.  I imagine the tree would be quite exhausted if it tried to have a mast year every year.  This was not a mast year for me, and that’s ok.  I actually had some months where I was insanely busy (and honestly a bit stressed) but I’ve also had months where I was able to focus on other much needed things.   I’ve learned I really like using wide angle lenses.  I love a good pull-back shot.  I interviewed and hired more photographers this year than I ever have before to photograph my own family and I learned something new with each one.  And I love the photos of my own family, and of myself!  I participated in a photographer’s retreat.  I’m not participating in any contests this year.  I read books that opened my mind to new ideas.  I tried new recipes.  I saw Old Faithful in person for the first time ever!  I planned some things that didn’t work out and had to work through some things I hadn’t planned on.  I didn’t get to see my favorite band, but saw one that had been on my Bucket List.  I got to see old friends and new ones, including the people in the photos below.  I love love love shooting the senior sessions and totally personalizing them and providing something awesome for my teenage friends.  I love seeing my families grow.  I got to visit old stomping grounds and share old memories.  I love enjoying God’s beautiful creations.  I was unknowingly able to bless someone’s life with my photos (this is always my ultimate goal, but it is nice to hear from clients how much the photos mean to them).  I hope your 2018 was awesome, and that 2019 is even better!  Life is what you make it!  Make it amazing!  Make it yours.