Emy was 41 weeks and 2 days. She had some concerns and went to be monitored at the hospital. The staff recommended staying and being induced and so I got the phone call “We’re having a baby today!”

7:23 pm  A nurse herself, Emy chats with the nurse about how things are going.  

Labor was hard work, of course, but Emy was handling it amazingly well and making great progress.  As always, I love watching the husbands.  I love how caring and supportive they are, even the ones who may feel like they have no idea what they are doing or labor/birth makes them uncomfortable, etc.   

9:14 pm Things were going great…until they weren’t… Progress slowed and things became very hard.  Emy worked hard, but it is frustrating, exhausting work.  

I love the iPod tucked in the tank top lol!

1:25 am After much discussion, the decision was made to head to the OR for a cesarean.

1:52 am  Sweet Kelsie is born.  The first girl in her family!  

2:21 am Zach snuggles Kelsie while they wait for Emy to come back from the OR.

2:45 am  Kelsie is more than relieved to relax and get some rest and, most importantly, hold her sweet daughter in her arms.  

This birth was part of the Expected Today project.  A link to the project will be posted shortly.