I was awakened at 3:00am by my phone ringing. I knew exactly who it was, and I was excited! At nearly 42 weeks, I’m sure Jamie & friends were beginning to think she has the gestation of an elephant. 🙂 I was pretty sure the baby would come sometime this weekend, but I’m glad for Jamie’s sake that he came today and not Sunday night!

4:17am Waiting for the birth pool to get filled.
4:41am The warm water feels sooooo good to Jamie.

Big brother and Grandma watch the action in the pool. Brother woke up around 4:00am and didn’t go back to sleep! He was in & out of the room, but he was able to be right there to great his new little brother.

5:22am Being in the warm water helped Jamie relax & progress rather quickly.

6:09am After pushing in the birth pool for a while, Jamie needed a change of position & surroundings, so we moved to her bedroom. She looks so peaceful right here, you wouldn’t expect her to push the baby out in the next few minutes! But that’s exactly what happened!!
6:14 am – Holding her new little boy. After having a cesarean with her first son, birthing this baby was a new experience for Jamie. When the baby was out, Jamie was so elated and kept saying “I did it! I DID IT!! I can’t believe I did it!” Jamie was incredible.

Baby with Grandma, and Baby with Dad.
This little boy is not so little! He weighs 10 pounds, is 22 inches long, and has a 15 inch head circumference.

Welcome to the family!

While she labored, Jamie was supported & loved by her husband, her mother, doula Naomi O’Callaghan, midwife Margie Dacko, and photographer Jessica Benson.