Kristin & Dave have quite the birth story. Let’s just say birth continues to prove that it is entirely unpredictable.

First, their original hospital dropped their insurance. Then, the new hospital would not allow waterbirths. Then, Kristin accidentally let the gender slip the day before she went into labor (Dave wanted to be surprised). Then due to some health concerns, labor was induced. Labor was long. Looooooooonnnnnnnng. Kristin went through one shift change and said good night to her fantastic favorite nurse, and then said good morning to that same nurse the next day, still pregnant. By that time, it was pretty much decided that Kristin would need a c-section.

Most of her birth did not go according to her birth plan. This is not to discourage you from writing a birth plan, but to encourage you to be aware of alternative options and consider what you would choose if other decisions were placed before you.

Kristin did have her beloved doctor, her favorite nurse, and me. This is not the first time I’ve been told I’m one of the only things that went according to plan!

Friday, 6:16pm
Mountain View Hospital

labor & delivery sign
resting between contractions

supportive hands

holding each other

You know I love hands!
strong hands

holding the belly
11:55pm He’s got his Labor Coach shirt on!
labor coach

Saturday, 7:07am
trying to rest

early morning
9:04am Entering the OR
inside the or
Can you feel the anticipation??? He’s waiting for the OK to go stand by Kristin’s head.
waiting for the csection
9:15am Baby Bella is born and Kristin has her first touch as she reaches up and touches Bella’s arm. Such a precious moment!
mama's first touch
Dave’s first touch!
daddy's first touch



sad face
9:25am First family photo.
new family
9:30am Returning to their labor room.
returning to labor room

9:41am While waiting for Kristin to return from the OR, Dave does skin-to-skin with Baby Bella. This keeps her warm, helps her regulate her body temperature and promotes bonding.
skin to skin

staying warm
10:13am With Mama again.
with mama

new family

Congratulations, Kristin & Dave!!! <3