….in a round about way 🙂
I just finished a fantastic book – Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin. (I love her books and her Guide to Childbirth I refer to everone I know!) Chapter 7 is devoted to the dads! A paragraph on page 172 particularly stuck out to me:
“Our mainstream culture outlines a rather limited role for new fathers: the distibution of cigars to relatives and friends. We have also seen a role that is frequently shown on the television birth shows – father-to-be as photographer. I have observed (and have also heard several fathers report) that being the photographer of the labor and birth often has the effect of separating him from the feelings and the reality of the event. Maybe it feels safer for him at the moment, but while he may be happy to have a few photos, he often feels a sense of loss from having separated himself from the immediacy of this important event in his life. At any rate, this is something to think about. “

I’ll be the first to say, it is very easy to hide behind a camera, no doubt about it!!! After having my husband as the photographer for three births and hiring on the fourth, I can also say it’s much better to assign that job of photographing to someone other than Dad. Laboring Mama’s need their men.