Indulge me.

I love travelling and want to share my travel photos with you.

In October, I took my husband and two of my children on an ambitious road trip that also involved a round-trip flight. My daughter’s first flight ever and my son’s first flight that he remembers. It was a red-eye flight and I almost feel like I cheated the kids out of a “real” flying experience. It was dark, obviously, because it was night, and once we were up in the air, we couldn’t see anything because we were trying to sleep. Trying. I think I got 2 hours of sleep total.


sunrise on airplane

first airplane ride

We landed in Washington DC, picked up our rental car, got a fantastic IHOP breakfast, and started driving north. Ambitious road trip, remember? This entire first day was spent driving. I think at this point my children (and even my husband?) may have doubted me. It was a long drive – 357 miles – and next time I might opt to fly to Rochester, BUT it was incredibly beautiful. I love driving. I love watching the scenery go by. It doesn’t matter if it’s city or country, although countryside might be slightly better. As my husband drove, I photographed anything that caught my eye. Yes, I shot through the windshield/windows. Don’t hate.  I’m in love with the architecture, oh, these houses!!

Pennsylvania barn
Luckett’s Store
lucketts store virginia

blue house pennsylvania
silos maryland

emmitsburg maryland

emmitsburg ma
hershey pennsylvania

susquehanna river

fall color bridge
Love this fall color!!!
fall color
New York
farm silo new york

bath new york

new york road

new york house

new york blue house