I hesitate to put the name of this place out there, because the internet has a way of ruining the best places… I’m not one of those chefs who won’t tell you the secret ingredient in a recipe, but come on Internet, don’t ruin all the good places in the world. Scofield is quiet, peaceful place, a place where people can go to escape the rat race, a place where they can get back to thing that really matter like fishing and waterskiing. I mean, family togetherness, of course. Mark grew up coming to Scofield and loving his summers on the lake, and now he is continuing the family tradition by bringing his own children to enjoy the lake. Thanks to a fabulous snowfall this past winter, reservoir was 100% full!!! Mark said to Lara, “We have to go.” They spent a week at the cabin on the lake, they went tubing and waterskiing, they kayaked and paddleboarded, they barbecued, they played games, they visited family & friends in nearby towns, they had family & friends come stay a few days at the cabin with them. The mornings were so pleasant, the days not too hot, and the sunsets were mesmerizing. And the water…when it turned to glass, the waterskiing was heavenly!! With this place holding such a special place in Mark’s heart, we commemorated this summer with a portrait session of the most special people in Mark’s life:

This boat is the boat Mark grew up waterskiing behind. It had been having a hard time for the past little while, and coughed and sputtered a bit while Mark & Lara were there. I just heard that the boat finally bit the dust, so I’m so glad that we included the boat in some of our shots!! (I’m only sharing one here, but we’ve got more.) Rest in Peace, Boat! Thanks for blessing Mark’s family’s lives all these years!!!