Sheila’s birth experience was lightning fast – it was practically over before it even started! She arrived at the hospital for a scheduled induction, but Baby was giving everyone quite a scare, so away to the OR they went! I got there as fast as I could, but was not permitted to enter the OR.
surgery doors
I did, however, have the privilege of waiting outside the OR and hearing those first sweet newborn baby cries! Anushka is born at 3:24pm.  Anushka, very appropriately, means “lightning.”

coming out of OR

doting father
4:28pm Santosh shows Sheila the photos he took on his phone while they wait for Anushka to come back from her short visit to the nursery.
first baby photos
5:08pm Isn’t Sheila just gorgeous?? This is her first time holding Anushka.
first time holding baby
5:15pm First Bath by Daddy!  At 4 lbs 7 oz, she’s a tiny little thing!
first bath


clean feet

baby hair

baby hat


mama & baby

mom & baby
7:17pm Big Sister arrived and was so excited to meet her new little sister. She brought gifts for Anushka and Anushka had gifts for her.
meeting sister

presents from sister

big sister

big sis

Congratulations Sheila & Santosh!