It’s the First Day of Autumn, the Autumnal Equinox, the First Day of the Harvest, and to me that means the First Day of the Giving Season. Sure, some stores have had Christmas and other holidays on the shelves for a week or two, but now is when people really start looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, etc. And although it’s 100 degrees today in Southern Nevada, Fall is in the air…. somewhere…. it’s there, I know it’s there! And so, to kick it all off, I’m having a GIVEAWAY! A very special giveaway, a GIVING giveaway. You see, you can’t win this for yourself. You win it for someone else.

How it works:
Phase 1: You nominate someone to win. You send me an email (jess @ jessicabphotography . com) telling me about someone who you feel deserves to win a portrait session with me. This could be a “mother of the year” PTA soccer mom, a hardworking family that is trying to survive this economy, a cancer fighter, etc, etc, the possibilities are limitless as we are all unique. Pick someone who inspires you! Include as much detail as you would like in your story – it just may be the thing that helps your nominee win! Submissions will be accepted until October 23, 2011. And BTW there are no geographical restraints – I like to travel 😉

Phase 2: A panel of lovely judges will have the daunting task of narrowing down the choices to a small handful of final nominees. Public voting will take place on Facebook and on this blog. Winner will be announced November 25, 2011 – the day after Thanksgiving.
Spread the word about the Giveaway! Someone just might nominate you 😉
This giveaway is inspired by a previous giveaway I ran, in which three people who were trying to win volunteered their entries for someone whom they thought deserved it more than they did. Read the original contest & entries here and the winner here.
And a family photo from years ago. I couldn’t find the one I was looking for 🙁 but found this one instead. Good bye summer….