As I prepared to write this post, I thought ‘I bet there is a National Dentist Day’ so then I had to google it. Luckily it wasn’t too far away and I saved my blog post for today. Happy National Dentist Day!!! Let your dentist (and his hygenists & office staff) know you appreciate them!

Today I’m sharing my favorite dentist with you – Dr. Andrew Huxford and the Boulder Dental Group. Dr. Huxford has been serving Boulder City for about seven years and many of his staff have been with him the entire time. You can imagine how close-knit the girls have become! Doing this photoshoot with them was like photographing a group of sisters or old friends. They teased each other, they joked, and they laughed. They laughed and laughed! What a great place to work!!! And a great place to get your teeth cleaned (or fixed, if needs be). I personally love having clean teeth and brush probably more often than I should, but my favorite is coming out of Dr. Huxford’s office with super-clean teeth. Like, sparkling clean. Like, can’t stop smiling clean. Like, I don’t want to eat for days because I’ll mess up my clean teeth clean. The sad part is, my appointments are usually right before lunch… :/

Dr. Huxford has great teeth himself, but this is my favorite photo of him. Sans teeth.

Happy National Dentist Day!