This cute brother & sister pair come from a very outdoorsy family. They are constantly being curious about the world around them and learning about leaves, animals, rocks, whatever they can find. Does this sound like Heaven or what? I mean, what more can kids ask for?!?! I would say the stereotypical ‘it’s a little boy’s dream’ type of comments but, really, his sister is right there with him, exploring and going on “adventures” right along with him! They are a great team and are each other’s best friend. He cares so much for her and she loves to be with him. It is so sweet to watch little siblings! Siblings picnic

blanket hug

nature girl

sly smile

i see a vision
He’s so thoughtful. Can you see him planning his next expedition?
She’s a little Nature Goddess!
feel the wind

i love my brother

older brother


come explore with me