Don’t you just love siblings who get along?? I think that is something every parent hopes and dreams for – children who enjoy being around each other and can have fun together and end up with really great relationships.

This session was actually a Christmas gift! Mom called and essentially said “We love to give meaningful gifts for Christmas, so for my husband I want to give him photos of the kids” (Lightbulb!!! Heidi, for next Christmas, you need to give him photos of you!!!) In all reality, it is a gift to everyone. A gift to the parents because we all love to have cute photos of our kids getting along and a gift to the kids because they need good photos of themselves individually, especially at this age, and together. Photographs reinforce truths and solidify memories that we have of each other.  Hopefully, when they look at these photos years down the road, they will say “Awwwww, I love my brother/sister!”

She looks just like her mom right here. While I was editing this one, I had to stop and stare at her because the resemblance is so strikingly beautiful! <3

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!