Sometimes you need a break. A change of scenery. Something different to mix up the routine.

I recently listened to Dawn Shields speak about the importance of “personal projects” – shooting for yourself and being creative for yourself.   And, while this shoot took place before I heard this, what she said really really touched me.

A group of photographer friends wanted to have what we call a “shoot out”.   We get together with a handful of models, shoot for fun, rotate through the model stations, and have a great time.  I brought Miss Katie.  From the beginning I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot, what look I was going for, and I knew I wanted Katie to be there.  She had a busy day of play rehearsals and the Sadie Hawkins dance.  I had scheduled a family session before the group shootout and was literally running from one session to the next.  So we both had busy days, but we made it work and totally rocked the time we had together.  There will be more from this afternoon coming soon.

Thanks Katie for being so awesome!  Thanks for helping me “shoot for me”!