What is Steampunk?? Steampunk is a mix of science fiction, fantasy, Victorian, and Wild West. Think H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Think petticoats, corsets, vests and top hats mixed with telescopes, trains, clock gears, and ray guns. Think The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and I always think of the new Sherlock Holmes movies.)

When a group of photographer friends wanted to get together and have a shoot-out and they picked the Clark County Heritage Museum as the location, I said “we need some steampunk-ers!” Having been to the museum many times and knowing what it has to offer, I knew the “ghost town” area of the museum would be perfect for some steampunk models. The lovely Heather contacted the Las Vegas Steampunk Tea Society, whose members were more than happy to oblige. Many of our models expressed their gratitude for us giving them the opportunity to get dressed up for the afternoon. They put a lot of time and effort into gathering just the right prop or piece for their outfits, and usually don’t dress steampunk everyday, so they were happy to have an occasion to dress for. And we were so happy to have them model for us!! Thank you!!!

Yes, can you imaging getting laced into this corset???  I don’t think you’d want to wear something like that every day 🙂  Mimi is totally smashing in it though, and in her hip pocket there, that’s her iPhone!!  Ken made her a custom steampunk phone case!  If you can’t find a special addition to complete your outfit, you make it yourself!

I looooooove Ken’s mustache!!!

Meet Mandy Magpie and her Sherriff. I asked Amanda if she felt like she became a character when she dress in her steampunk style. She replied “Oh yes!” and proceeded to tell me about Mandy Magpie, the bubbly socialite who is always hosting parties.

One thing I noticed is the details. Like Mimi’s phone. And the clock spindles in Amanda’s hat. And Gabriel (aka the Sherriff) wearing his grandfather’s pocket watch. It is the little things like that that really complete an outfit (this applies to regular outfits too, not just steampunk-wear.)

This photos are from the same day I did Laundry Day with Katie and the family of little cowboys. It was a busy but FUN day.