A few months ago, it rained. It rained a lot! It rained so much the dry lake bed “filled up” and the water stayed for about 6 weeks. Ever since this session, I am always thinking of what I can do next when it rains and there is water on the lakebed. For this “shooting for me” session, I rounded up a girl to model for me, and then I thought, I need a guy too! Good thing we brought him along because I really like how the shots of the two of them turned out! You’ve seen him already in color, but black & white is lovely, eh?  It was fun to try something new, something different, and try not to slip or drop any of my gear in the water.

A side note for anyone who wants to venture out when there is water on the lake bed: The mud stains light colored clothing and there is glass! The glass is there when it’s dry too, but when it’s wet you can’t see it as well :/ A previous time when the lake bed was muddy, a few friends and I went out to play mud football.  It was sticky and slippy, so I took my shoes off.  On the very next play, I stepped on a piece of glass!  It narrowly missed a major vein in my foot and necessitated stiches.  It put a serious damper on our football game.  🙁 So, keep your shoes on!!!!

How awesome is this one???? 🙂