Ok, so we’ve all seen those photographer’s posts about hanging a CD on the wall above your couch. We all know it’s better to hang an actual picture rather than a silly disc. But how do you do it? How do you hang your portraits?

This is my house:
Everytime people come over, this canvas gets compliments. Every time. First, I think it helps that it is big. At 30×45, it commands half of the wall it strategically hangs on. I also specifically planned this image to be something I could display for a long time, something that wouldn’t “age” as much as a traditional smiling portrait. I wanted something that was artistic and creative, and yet was still a “portrait” of my children. And it’s just plain fun. No one can resist a childhood of imaginitive play.

And this is the newest addition to my home:
I had also planned this for a while before I finally put it all into fruition. Again, it is portaits of my children, while still being artistic and creative at the same time. I love the classic look and feel of a silhouette. This too doesn’t “age” as fast as a regular head shot. And my littlest has a darling little ponytail.

So, how do you hang your portraits?