In case you missed it, these were part of our Christmas cards. We discovered we were pregnant and decided to announce it to our children (and everyone else) with a fun photo session and creative Christmas cards. I also had found these darling school chairs at a local church rummage sale and of course ideas started rolling. My children love to read, so of course I had to incorporate some vintage books. After getting all the props set up, one of the kids said, “Why are there five chairs?” At that point I was already writing on the chalkboard “Welcome Baby #5 to the class” which they read and responded with a “huh???” lol! It was great fun, and it was also very fun to hear friends & family’s reactions to our addition skills (1+1=7!!)

empty chairs
I am 18 weeks pregnant in these photos.
baby 5

And my favorite….lol and we become a crazy family of seven….

All photos by Maryann Russell Photography.