If my personal family portraits (here and here) are any indication, you know that I put a lot of planning into my personal portraits.  These maternity photos had been in the works for a few months.  I had picked up the dress a few years prior at the same wonderful church rummage sale where I purchased the school chairs, I borrowed and mended the fur stole, I crafted my own headpiece, I dug my gloves out of the back of a drawer, and I very fortuitously came across the lovely vintage couch.  I <3 the couch.  But even though I planned and planned a few details of the plan were not falling into place.  Such as a time to shoot the photos.  Finally I said “we have to do because I don’t think we can wait any longer!”  The photos were literally taken four days before the baby was born.  Now that’s cutting it close!!  (Although not as close as my last maternity portraits, am I a procrastinator or what?!?!)  Here I am at 37.5 weeks pregnant….

vintage maternity

vintage headshot

vintage couch

3/4 length maternity

sitting maternity
As I look at the photos now, I realize I don’t look “big” but I sure felt big….
big belly
Stay tuned for the birth story & newborn photos!!