This is such a lovely family. I always love to see them having fun with each other, hugging their siblings, and snuggling with their parents.

This mama decided she wanted to learn how to play the piano. As an adult. Anyone who is a parent knows it is no small feat to carve out some time for yourself, let alone on a consistent enough basis to learn to play the piano. A few years ago, she started taking lessons. She practiced. She nervously performed during recitals. At times, it’s been hard for her, but her diligence has paid off. She now has a new talent and skill that she otherwise wouldn’t have had. While she will probably tell you she still gets nervous to perform or accompany people, she plays wonderfully and is blessing her home with the gift and beauty of music. Her children love it when she plays and love to dance while she plays. What if she had thought she was too old to learn piano, or didn’t think she had time to practice, or made other such excuses? If there is something in your life that you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t “gotten around to” for one reason or another, DO IT. Stop the excuses, and do it. You will thank yourself in five years.