Trevor’s mom scheduled his session. She said, “He’ll dress nice and we’ll meet you at the golf course.” For some reason, I had it pictured in my mind that he would be wearing a suit & tie. I’m not sure why I thought that… because what teenage boy willingly puts on a suit & tie… but I did. He showed up, very nicely dressed, and was even sporting some Ray Bans! I must getting old….

BTW Trevor DOES smile, he just has a handsome “serious” face, and these are my favorites. Oh and for all the ladies out there, Trevor likes soccer and will be attending BYU.

At this point in the session, I was thinking “I need a sailboat!!! This session needs a sailboat!!!” 🙂

The cross-processed look is very fun, but I don’t do it very often, because I feel like I need just the right image to pull it off. I was feeling it on these ones. What do you think??