fort collins lds wedding

I know I say this every time I do a wedding, but I really, really love the individual touches that make each wedding unique.  For example, Joren & Colleen’s choice of cake toppers.  Sooooooo cute!!!! Joren grew up reading fantasy novels and got into playing Magic in high school.  I think he said he converted Colleen to playing, but I can’t specifically remember – so forgive me Colleen if you were already a Magic fan prior to meeting Joren – but she definitely plays now!  The dragon cake toppers are darling and so fitting. 

Ice cream bars are always a hit!  Who can say no to ice cream??  Especially with an older brother wearing an apron and doing the scooping! <3

Siblings and cousins decorating the car!

Fort COllins wedding

First Dance.  Don’t you just love her dress?  It’s like when a wave rolls in and the water and the sea foam swirl around <3

You know this feeling?  The exhaustion at the end of the night.  The my-party-is-awesome-but-I-just-need-to-sit-down-for-a-minute.  Love it!

Joren & Colleen also like to participate in Nerf battles.  These two cousins had a plan to ambush the happy couple during the reception, but I said to wait until they were walking out – a Grand Exit Nerf ambush.  Unfortunately, Joren & Colleen tricked us and came out a different door than expected!! I was not in good position to get any good photos of them getting pelted with Nerf balls, but it’s ok, as this one of the boys is pretty epic.  

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