Like I said in the previous post, Bayden’s mom is a fantastic decorator.  She really could hire herself out as a wedding/event planner.  She also did all the floral arrangements.  The talent just keeps going in this family:  Bayden’s brother built many of the furniture pieces!

One of the great things about doing a bridal session  is that you can display those photos at the wedding. I love the doilies and lace intermixed with the photos. Such a soft touch next to the rustic-ness of the trunks!

The tower of macaroons was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, in the busyness of the evening, by the time I got back to take another shot of it, people had already started eating them :/

I love that Bayden is stealing a bite here! As the sign on the dessert table says, these are a few of their favorite things so of course Bayden & Michael want some too! Plus (unless a meal is in your wedding day plans), who actually has time to eat on their wedding day? You need to steal all the snacks you can get!

The First Dance

Dance with Dad

Cutting the cake

Let’s just say, things got a little messy…

I love love love that this family loves to party. Music was provided by Twist and Shout Mobile Sound and always, did NOT disappoint. DJ Bill keeps the dance floor hopping all night long!

You know it is a good night of dancing when the coat AND the tie come off!

Garter & Bouquet Toss

Let me tell you how awesome the bouquet toss was. Bayden made a good throw and as the flowers sailed beautifully through the air, the bouquet fell apart. Flowers showered down on the awaiting ladies. Much to the joy of all the single ladies, the bouquet was not caught by ONE girl this evening. The bouquet was caught by nearly every girl there. Everyone who wanted one got a flower!

Congratulations Bayden & Michael!!

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