Henry is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. My apologies to everyone else (including my own children) but it’s true. His eyes, that hair! his sweet face, his pleasant demeanor, he really is such a heartthrob!! And Henry totally lucked out in the parent department. His mom & dad are so loving, so concerned about every detail, every aspect of Henry’s wellbeing – and not in the annoying-frantic-helicopter-parent-kind-of-way – just in a “we truly want the very best for our child” kind of way. Henry is so blessed to have them as parents, and they are so blessed to have Henry!
And dad is a pro swaddler!
handsome henry


stretching out on the changing table

with daddy

family bed

family love

love our newborn

sweet family

husband & wife
Look at the radiant mama. Isn’t she beautiful?!
glowing mama