Isn’t it so great to welcome a new baby to the family??!? My own family is currently awaiting the arrival of a new niece. Those of us who have had more than a few kids know how fleeting the newborn stage is. Lol I understand why grandmas want to hold the sleeping baby all day. My own baby is now 10 months old and 20 pounds. He stands and walks next to the furniture. He claps his hands and gives high fives. He can say Da-da, and my favorite – he lays his head on my shoulder when I’m rocking him before laying him down to sleep. He’s not the tiny little seven pounder he once was. He’s not so small he only fit in three of his outfits. He’s not so small that he was able to fit in the doll crib. Babies grow fast! Or time goes by fast… Enjoy them while they are little!!

This is Edward the V, but for short we call him Cade. It is a mixture of his parents’ names, rather than calling him Ed Jr., etc. What a wonderful legacy this family has! Five generations of men carrying the same name!


with dad

with mom

bw head shot


sleeping angel