There’s nothing quite like the first time you are pregnant. You really don’t know what labor & delivery will be like – even if you study as much as you can – and you really don’t know what parenting will be like. The two of you are about to go somewhere you’ve never been before and that’s a place called “The Three of Us.” Obviously, you’ve been anticipating it for nine months, but in these last few moments of the pregnancy, it gets real – YOU are going to be a PARENT!! Just yesterday, my husband recounted his feelings after our first was born. I don’t ever remember him telling me this before, but he says after the birth, he got in the shower and it was just like “Whoa!” overwhelming – the realization that his life just completely changed with the birth of our first baby.

11:42pm Shareece had been in early labor for most of the day and was now more than ready to be done with labor and be done with being pregnant. She was ready to meet her baby girl. I walked into the hospital room a few minutes before she started pushing.
labor & delivery sign

hospital supplies

moniter strio

Shareece had her adoring husband by her side, a mother-in-law, aunts, and her father in the room, plus a whole host of friends and family in the waiting room! It’s always good to see a wonderful group of labor support people!
waiting for baby
11:54pm It had been a long day. Can you feel it? Can you remember how it was when you were in labor? The fatigue and exhaustion of laboring for hours and on into the night, waiting and waiting for your baby to come? This is Shareece getting a few blissful moments of rest in between contractions.
resting between contractions

supporting hands
Love, love, love the support! You know I love the daddies.
supporting the foot
12:24am This is the cutest grandma ever! She rarely left Shareece’s side and was so helpful. She was a solid rock for Shareece to “lean” on.


belly in labor
1:05am Baby Girl is born!!
fresh new baby
Love the sweet new daddy tears!
daddy tears
….And new grandma tears! See, isn’t she the best?
grandma tears

grandma watching
1:20am Getting weighed – 7 pounds 11 ounces
getting weighed

holding daddy's hand

baby feet

foot prints

1:42am In a quiet moment, Shareece’s dad put his hand on John’s shoulders as they both look at the baby. Two important men in this little baby’s life gaze in awe at her.
three generations
John said, “I don’t ever want to leave the house again. I just want to stay home and snuggle you all day long.”
checking out daddy
Shareece was pretty worn out and took a much earned cat-nap while the nurses were attending to the baby.
mama resting
Angela DeTie, CNM watches as the nurse examines the baby.
angela de tie
2:08am Look at the dimples!! Just like her mama!
look at those dimples

foot reflex

getting swaddled
2:36am Getting some quiet time – after mama’s catnap, after meeting family & friends who were in the waiting room, after getting weighed, measured, and having a bath – the birthing room gets quiet and the new family can just enjoy each other.
meeting each other

new family

hospital room
Congratulations Shareece & John!! Thank you for having me at your birth!