Miss Taylor is a sweet, sweet girl. I’ve known her for a few years now, and I am flattered that she wanted me to take her senior portraits. Taylor has a fun style that is hip, yet unpretentious. As you can see, she is super pretty, but not superficial. She even has this darling bit of shyness about her. She is kind, helpful, a great daughter and sister, and she has a great laugh!!
serious taylor

sweet smile


sweet senior

laughing again

fun in the sun


belle the horse


When I mentioned using a horse, Taylor’s eyes lit up at the idea. However, she had never actually been so up close and personal with one!! This was Taylor’s first time walking, guiding, and even riding a horse. These senior portraits are celebrating who Taylor is and the fabulous young woman she has grown into and these portraits are now celebrating a new chapter of life and trying new things and having new experiences as she becomes a young adult. I’m quite proud of Taylor for getting up on this horse even though Flash is much bigger, heavier, and stronger than Taylor and Taylor’s allergies were really starting to wreak havoc at this point. Way to go Taylor!
first time on a horse

telephone poles

laughing in the sun