Layla’s mother is a fantastic planner and gives such attention to detail! Like at her birth, she was prepared with props – darling outfits for the baby, matching outfits for her older daughters, adorable signs, and a stunning wardrobe for herself!  Seriously, check out how gorgeous Liorah is with her dark hair cascading over her shoulders!
newborn princess outfits
Layla is such an angel, isn’t she??
las vegas newborn photographer

newborn blue eyes

fairy angel


tiny fingers

long beautiful hair

This is my favorite. Don’t you just love the sweetness? Sleeping in mama’s arms is such cozy place to be!
sleeping sweetly in mom's arms

three sisters
Oh, three little girls, and quite close in age! Liorah is going to get the “you’ve got your hands full” line for the rest of her life!!  I’m sure they will grow up being best of friends, even if they do give their mama a run for her money 😉 And again, such beautiful hair!!  Love those curls!!!
mama of three

Family full of girlsCongrats on your beautiful family!