You know, it’s quite a thing to literally watch people grow up right before your eyes. When I first photographed this family, years ago, there weren’t as many spouses, and there weren’t nearly as many grandchildren, a certain youngest daughter was only eight years old, and I was still using film! Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to photograph individual parts of this family in various stages of their lives and it truly has been a pleasure.   This incredibly good-looking family is also beautiful on the inside.  I love the support they show for each other and the friendships they have with each other. This is a great example of “Family.” At this point, I’m sure they are all thinking “you don’t know the half of it!” Lol, we all have problems, and no family is perfect, of course. But I think these guys are doing a pretty good job. The following are Jeff & Linda’s decendants, minus the cute couple in the red 🙂