I remember telling Rodrigo twice that labor was hard work, especially when it came time to pushing. Little did we know just how hard… I hope I’m not jinxing myself with this title and cursing myself with an even longer birth next. Yikes! I was with Ati & Rodrigo for thirty hours. This gives a new meaning to “exhaustion” especially when you consider that Ati was having light contractions the whole day & night before and could not sleep well then either. I could be wrong but I’m thinking her total labor was in the 50-60 hour range.

When I first arrived at the home, I could tell it was still a little early. So I spent a few minutes with them, then went to run a few errands. Sometimes it can be discouraging to have extra people there if labor is not progressing as quickly as one thinks it should.

Monday 2:08pm

I returned at 7:30pm to find no change. Ati described it as “we’re stuck.” This birth was beginning to resemble Sarah’s birth although I didn’t want to admit it to myself. Later the midwife confirmed my suspicions when she uttered the word “posterior.”


I know I say this every time but I love the strength and support the men give to their wives!



It was a long night, and this coming from someone who actually got some sleep. I don’t know how Ati made it through the night!!! But come morning, there was still no baby. Ati was further along, but not far enough. The posterior position really makes it difficult for the baby to move down and also makes a long, slow, hard labor. Ati was handling everything very well, but she was also very tired and getting worn out.


After a few attempts to turn the baby witha a variety of positions and techniques, Ati decided it was time to go to the hospital. An epidural for her and a fold out bed for him provided some much needed rest for everyone.


This is the first grandbaby for Ati’s mom. There were times I could tell she was concerned or worried, but here she is gazing up on the first visible parts of her grandson’s head. I forgot to mention, this birth was also quite the experience linguistically. Ati’s mom speaks almost no English, and I don’t speak much Spanish but I can understand some. So, Ati, her mom, Rodrigo and Marvelys would chatter away in Spanish, while I would pick out what I could. Marve’s assistant is a native of Germany and yes, speaks with an accent. We were quite the group. 🙂


Rodrigo and Ati simply adored their newborn. The love and awe that was eminating out of these two new parents was just incredible. It was really touching and sweet to see someone instanstly fall in love such as Ati & Rodrigo did with their son.

Congratulations!!! Ati, you were amazing! You handled all that “hard work” like a champ and had a positive attitude the entire time. Thank you for having me at your birth!

Planned homebirth with midwife Marvelys Lopez and assistant Judith. Hospital transfer with Dr. Steven Harter at Summerlin Hospital. Birth photography by Jessica B Photography, of course.  And check out Ati’s photography!