dirt happens
Because sometimes, dirt happens. Especially when you are two.
grumpy face

And when there are two of you two year olds… dirt and messes and chocolate chips all over the kitchen and broken nativity sets happen. But with their stinkin’ cute angel faces, how could you ever get mad at them?!?!

happy twins
The twins have a new little brother, who I’m sure will be participating in their mischief as soon as he can crawl/walk/run to keep up with his big brothers.
3 months old

new baby
And the biggest brother, who is ever helpful and dependable. He just exudes “good kid”, doesn’t he?
biggest brother
With five boys in the family (including Dad), Mom & Daughter have to stick together!!
mom & daughter
This family loves to go exploring and go on adventures. They are always out hiking or four-wheeling or somehow getting dirty outside. They often find things like snakes or tarantulas and, of course, none of the kids are scared of that kind of stuff. In planning this session, I wanted to do something that was really “them” and so we picked one of their favorite hiking spots. Then we joked about them getting all dressed up to go hiking! I promise, skirts and sandals are not normal hiking attire for this mama!
going exploring

mom & dad are models


family silhouette
Congratulations on your beautiful family!