Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Best Wishes to you all as we bring 2014 to a close. We hope 2015 brings you many new opportunities and that you can accomplish many great things!

Our year in review, in no particular order:
Remodeled the entryway, had an accidental unassisted birth, son mowed lawns to pay for a school trip to California, daughter paid for one of her dance classes, danced in three numbers in the dance recital, went rappelling for the first time, cleaned and cleaned and dejunked the house while “nesting,” did lots and lots of taxes, took lots and lots of photos, visited some of our favorite places, hiked a slot canyon and climbed a waterfall, visited a planetarium, attended a choir & symphony performance, played in the snow in June, witnessed a hailstorm a mudslide a tornado warning and a deer in the road all in the same day, breathed fresh mountain air, danced the night away, had sibling sleepovers, explored some new wildernesses, earned the Arrow of Light and the Great American Award, was the first in her class earned the Nevada Citizen Award, entered the unchartered territory of junior high, read countless books – some like Tolkien & Rowling repeatedly, entered preschool, learned to stand by himself, said “Dad”, went sledding in the desert, played in the leaves, learned how to read, wrote own talk for church, went to 94 year old Grandmother’s funeral, played on the losing-est and the winning-est soccer teams, acquired two couches – one that husband likes and one that he does not, son bought his own iPod, performed solo musical numbers at church, built two pieces of furniture, fermented kefir water, cheered for our favorite rugby team, learned how to sew, made new friends, two of us had surgery within two weeks of each other, cheered for each other, snuggled with each other, laughed and sometimes cried, (ok even yelled – no one is perfect), played games and hours of Minecraft, and went out for ice cream. It’s not always sunshine and roses, especially with this large of a crew, but we’re trying 🙂

We have a few things planned for next year and have great hopes for awesomeness! We hope you do too!

family piggy back ride