A Day in the Life session is where I literally follow you around for the entire day. Literally. Haven’t you always wanted a photographer to follow you around all day?? I have!! There have been many times I wished I had someone documenting my life – family vacations so that I could enjoy the trip rather than lug the camera, milestones like birthday parties, and even just everyday moments – because I want to be IN the photos, not just behind the camera all the time. As a photographer, obviously, I am always behind the camera, but as a mother too, I think this is something most moms struggle with. There are never enough photos with Mom in them. And so, I am offering these special sessions for people who love their lives and want to record it posterity! Ideally, the Day in the Life session should be done every year and after a few years, your shelf will begin to get filled with albums of each wonderful day.

Ever wonder what life looks like for other families? Other families with twins?? Here is a small peak at the photos from a recent Day in the Life session. We danced, we played dress up, we colored with chalk and blew bubbles, we woke Daddy up twice!, we played at the park and went for a walk, we snuggled, we giggled, we cried, we hugged and made up, we bathed and read stories and went to sleep. This sweet family was a pleasure to be with! Enjoy 🙂

holding the earlobe

snuggling with mom

waiting for breakfast

little toes

pray always

purple sweet potatoes


mommy teasing


playing with toys


mommy watching


getting ready


waiting her turn

watching sister

hair in braids

wake up daddy

getting into car

car ride

waiting for class

watching her girls

dance costume

dance class

tap recital

recital dance

mommy hug

ballet shoes

little ballerina

nose to the toes


talking during class

dance is over


deciding what to wear

mommy is a princess

sack of potatoes

being silly

feet on mom

playing with mom


cooking as a family

muffin recipe


add vanilla

add salt

stir the batter

eating the batter

muffin papers

standing on chair

cucumber sandwich

lunch fork

waiting for lunch

crummy fingers

bike in the house

bikes in the house

blow bubbles

family in the backyard

catch bubbles

we love mommy

draw with chalk

napping dad

napping daddy

double slide climb

double slide

swing high

swing with me


going hiking

going on a hike

snack time

mommy's ear

flying at the park

making dinner

sweet potato dinner

eating kale

crawling away

daddy good night

tucked in bed