I’m willing to bet your favorite photos of yourself or your family members are not school portraits, or posed portraits, or even “portraits” of any kind.  I bet your favorite photos are everyday “snapshots” of you or your kids or your parents in their element, just doing their thing, being themselves.  I love Day in the Life sessions because it really is just about you and all the little things that make up who you really are!  

In this sweet family’s Day in the Life session, we have healthy eaters, homeschooling, dancing to Bruno Mars, an exuberant afternoon swim, a visit from grandma, giggles and silliness mixed in with getting chores done, baths, naps & playtime, wrists full of black hair ties, sweet notes randomly around the house, and twins who write with different hands.  We have a dad who sleeps in a little bit after a late night of work and likes to go for a morning run, a mom who encourages good manners and loving the Lord, girls who are old enough to be learning how to read and write and speak French, and a little dude who loves his mama and totally rocks those cloth diapers.  We ended the day with a visit to the airport to watch dad fly out for work, dinner and getting tucked into bed.  

I’ve talked to people who say “I don’t know if my life is interesting enough to photograph for a whole day.”  Now, I’ll agree that we all aren’t flying out for work all the time, but we all have things about us that make us interesting.  In addition to full day sessions, I do half days and shorter sessions. I’d love to show you how interesting your life is.