Birth Photography

Birth Photography

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be invited to witness and document births.  There is nothing more special – and life-changing – than a baby being born.  Whether your birth is a scheduled cesarean or unassisted homebirth, it is the journey of coming into this world, of becoming a mother and becoming a family.  Birth photography is the first record made of your child’s life and a documentation of the road to becoming a parent.  The birth experience can be a whirlwind of sights, sounds, positions, and procedures.  Details are often forgotten or overlooked because labor is so consuming. With a love for the birth process, I will tell your story with care and thoughtfulness.  This story can then be shared with family and friends if you so desire, and most importantly with your child, when he/she is older.  Photographs help us remember experiences. Years later, as you view your birth images with your child, you will be able to recount those feelings and share with your child the story of the day he or she was born. 

Birth images are processed mostly as black & white, but with some color as artistic opportunities arise.  I strive to shoot using only available light, so as not to be a distraction to the laboring mother.  However, dark situations can negatively affect the quality of your images and I may occasionally use a flash or request turning on a light.

Contact me to arrange a free consultation.  Birth photography investments begin at $850.  As a certified labor doula, I also bring that knowledge and ability to the birth.  If needed/desired I can also assist in comforting the laboring mother.  I take a limited number of births per month, so please schedule in advance. 

Also available are First48 Sessions.  This session is for those who prefer not to have labor and delivery photographed, but desire to have those first precious hours documented. First48 Sessions take place within the first 48 hours of life at the place of birth.  This is not a Newborn Portrait Session.  The purpose of the First48 Session is to tell the story of the birth and first day.  You can view a First48 Session here.  First48 Sessions begin at $450.

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