I love doing the Giving Giveaway! I love hearing stories of people you care about!

This year’s winner (ahem, I mean 2012’s winner, since I have been a lazy blogger, despite my best attempts not to be) is a wonderful young man. His mom writes, “He is always doing things for other people. The other day, he came home late from mowing Grandma’s lawn. When I asked him why he took so long, he said he was driving past {a widow’s} home and noticed the lawn was only half mowed. He parked his truck, pulled the mower out and finished the lawn. A week later, he mowed it again. This time they were home and came out while he was mowing it. They said their mower broke and thanked him for just seeing the need and doing it without being asked.”

This story give me hope for the future. I wish all teenagers (and people in general) would be thoughtful and kind and proactive like this young man. Congratulations Kenny, you just won the Giving Giveaway.

This photo also has been waiting and waiting to be blogged. This was a quick creative personal shoot from a few months back. Right in the middle of my busy fall season. Lol personal projects take the back-burner during busy season. Stay tuned for more from this shoot soon!