This lovely couple….
husband & wife
…has an incredible posterity already.  You can’t tell in this photo, but Number 7 is on it’s way!!
this is us
Knowing this was a family of six kids, and knowing their ages, I was was pleasantly surprised at how well-behaved they all were. Usually (yes, this is comepletely normal), there is at least one kid (sometimes a toddler, but not always) who doesn’t want to cooperate for some reason or another. None of these kids whined, none complained, none were grumpy or crying or defiant. With six kids, I think that HAS to be a miracle!! Yes, I complimented the parents when we were all done with the session.
6 kids

brother & baby sis

dad & girls

big family

kids... and parents

family craziness

loving parents
Well done, Mom & Dad! Well done!