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Sierra | Class of 2018

This girl has literally been running for most of her life. She started with participating in an elementary school running program, then added in some 5k races, then some kids triathlons, and as she grew older she participated in progressively harder races and made better times. For 5k races, she often is the first in her age group and has earned Overall First Place Female. She has gone to State for her high school twice, I believe, and she will be running on her college team this fall. Congrats Sierra! You have worked incredibly hard over the years and it shows.


Congratulations Class of 2013 | Senior Portraits

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 and and those who graduating today or in the next couple of days! These are such exciting times, when one chapter of Life closes and another opens, when changes and choices are being made, when goals and dreams are being given a voice. Rock on, Class of 2013! Put your mind to and do it!

Braize is no stranger to my blog. You’ve seen his soccer session, his track session, and his mission session. And now you have his senior session and his car session. How many sessions does one person need you say?! Lol as many as it takes to show off all your awesomeness! Photographs help us remember and we don’t want to forget a thing!

Braize says that after serving his mission in Brazil, he thinks he wants to be a firefighter or a police officer.

parking lot






I’m a little bit of a car-lover, so I was super excited when Braize said he wanted to do some shots with his Toyota Celica. When he showed up, I said “where are your sunglasses??!?!” He had forgotten them, and I said, “we HAVE to go get them!” Can you imagine these photos without the sunglasses?