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6 Kids and One on the Way! | Las Vegas Family Photographer

This lovely couple….
husband & wife
…has an incredible posterity already.  You can’t tell in this photo, but Number 7 is on it’s way!!
this is us
Knowing this was a family of six kids, and knowing their ages, I was was pleasantly surprised at how well-behaved they all were. Usually (yes, this is comepletely normal), there is at least one kid (sometimes a toddler, but not always) who doesn’t want to cooperate for some reason or another. None of these kids whined, none complained, none were grumpy or crying or defiant. With six kids, I think that HAS to be a miracle!! Yes, I complimented the parents when we were all done with the session.
6 kids

brother & baby sis

dad & girls

big family

kids... and parents

family craziness

loving parents
Well done, Mom & Dad! Well done!


Perfection | Las Vegas Family Photographer

Sometimes…. you know the moment you click the shutter that you’ve got something absolutely amazing. That’s what happened with this photo.

hugging mom

This photo embodies everything I try to do as a photographer. I want you to have photos that make you sigh, photos that speak to your heart, photos that make you pause and take a second look, photos that take your breathe away, photos that you love and cherish.

I could post other photos from this session, but really and truly, I love this one so much that I’m just going to let it speak for the whole session. A quick, fleeting moment where a young son hugs his mother. He’s growing up and is already not “little” anymore. Savor those moments!