Now that the holidays are over and most of the Christmas cards have been sent out, we can get back to blogging. Thanks for being patient with me 😉 I like to spend as much of December as I can focusing on my own family. I’m sure you do too.

This little family recently welcomed a new addition, who, as you can see, is much adored.

loving new baby

new little brother

dad & the kids

Mom & the girls

big brother

sister sitting nicely

pretty black & white

little smile
This little girl had a whole sleew of silly faces for me. She was making us laugh so hard that I had to share one with you. Yes, sometimes silly faces will happen. Sometimes three-year-olds (or even older kids lol!) will do it because they are hams, and sometimes because they don’t want to cooperate. Either way, we work with it 😉
silly face
And sometimes you need let the kids run. Let the kids be kids.
kids running

family at sunset