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Sierra | Class of 2018

This girl has literally been running for most of her life. She started with participating in an elementary school running program, then added in some 5k races, then some kids triathlons, and as she grew older she participated in progressively harder races and made better times. For 5k races, she often is the first in her age group and has earned Overall First Place Female. She has gone to State for her high school twice, I believe, and she will be running on her college team this fall. Congrats Sierra! You have worked incredibly hard over the years and it shows.


Bayden | Class of 2016 | Senior Portraits

Bayden comes from a family where you work hard and you play harder! Bayden plays libero on her volleyball team (no worries, I had to look it up too! Had no idea they made a name for that!) and runs sprints and rocks at pole vaulting. She recently qualified for State in pole vaulting and if I remember correctly, the volleyball team did quite well and went to Regionals. She is lucky enough to be coached by both her parents, her mom for volleyball and her dad for pole vaulting. When asked what her plans were for after high school, her love of animals shown through as she talked of majoring in veterinarian science or marine biology. She also enjoys snowboarding, being outdoors, and is involved with student leadership at school. She is an amazingly fun person to be around, loves to have a good time, and has great style (as can be seen in the photos!) Congrats Bayden!

tractor full body

tractor vertical

tractor senior portrait

tractor wheel

windy senior portraits

b&w tractor

pink hair
You’ve seen the car before, when her brother was a senior.
dry lake bed big blue sky

car & toes

sun bathing

dress & car

vintage car

headshot umbrella

bright smile

water on the lake bed

umbrella + lake

in the car

volleyball bench

through the net

bayden baden

volleyball girl

volleyball senior
From the wikipedia volleyball page: “The libero is a player specialized in defensive skills: the libero must wear a contrasting jersey color from his or her teammates and cannot block or attack the ball when it is entirely above net height. The libero is, generally, the most skilled defensive player on the team.”


mom coach

with mom

prep to run



pole vault

pole vault shadow

pole vaulting

clearing the bar

pole vaulting2

coach dad

with coach dad
And one last fun one 🙂 Congrats again Bayden!
on the mat