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A Star is Born

Hadassah Star was born yesterday. 10:48pm to be exact. Hadassah is the Hebrew version of Esther (as in Queen Esther) and means myrtle tree. A myrtle tree is a strong fragrant tree with beautiful blossoms. Hadassah’s mom Marcy shared with me her desire to have an unmedicated childbirth. She labored at home for a while, then arrived at the hospital at “4-5cm.” We knew we still had some time before the baby would be born and Marcy did her best to entertain us by singing her way through contractions. She treated us to a medley of Phantom of the Opera, the Kit Kat bar jingle, Oomp Loompa, and the “Oh-wee-oh, Ooooh-oh” from Wizard of Oz. She also would do an almost bird-like whistle as the contraction was subsiding. On top of her beautiful singing an whistling, she spoke such encouraging words such as “I love contractions! Contractions are my best friend!” And the look on Jeremy’s face was priceless. It still makes me smile! Marcy labored like a champ. As she progress further, she quieted her singing and whistling, and at 9cm there were moments where she was so relaxed, we couldn’t even tell she was having a contraction! Way to go Marcy!!! There were precious moments when Jeremy whispered her “I’m so proud of you” and when Marcy asked him to pray for her. He prayed for Marcy to have strength and safety and protection. It was a gorgeous prayer. At the beginning of her labor, Marcy actually apologized for interupting my Sunday. I think this was a fine way to spend the Sabbath!

Isaiah 55:13 …instead of the briar shall come up the myrtle tree…
Welcome to the world Hadassah!

Warm Fuzzies

After a rather f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g session, Heidi knew just what I needed. The perfect photographer gloves. Gloves that you didn’t need to take off just ot fiddle with the dials & buttons on your camera. Gloves that have sneaky little holes that you can peek your cute little fingertips out of. My hands feels so pampered, so loved. And the gloves are almost elbow length! Can you imagine me sporting these bad boys in a T-shirt? I can’t wait for that occasion to present itself, because I’m definitely going to rock that! Heidi also made this darling headband for my darling daughter. I think I might *borrow* it sometime. And the tags!! Have you ever seen such a thing??? Love it! Heidi is absolutely fabulous!