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This is Why You Choose Me…

…instead of going to someplace like Kiddie Kandids…

When else can you make Leaf Soup

look for shapes in the clouds

and dog-pile during your portrait session???

I have tons of clients who, when their session is finished, say “Oh that was so easy and so much better than {our last portrait experience}.” That’s what I’m here for – to make this easy on you! Getting your picture taken should not be a painful experience!! BTW I bet you can’t guess which kiddo was the crier.

Yay for Grandpa!


Quite a Lucky Bunch

We were lucky all the way around with this shoot, from the locations to the weather, to the kids not being completely covered with the chicken pox! What a good looking family, eh?

My absolute favorite of the day!

Stay tuned for more. It’s a busy time of year for pictures, and of course, Christine, yours are coming soon!!