I’ve always known Sarah to be easy-going, positive person. When she shared her exciting news of the pregnancy with me, I wished her a faster, easier delivery than last time. Of course she agreed that that would be great.  (Side note: Sarah is my FIFTH repeat birth client.  Congrats Sarah!!)
Fast-forward a few months and I got a text in the wee hours of the night saying “today is the day!” Sarah didn’t need me for a few more hours, but once she decided it was time, IT WAS TIME! Sarah progressed quite quickly in between the time she called me and the time I got to her house, so I actually barely made it. At that point, labor was very intense for Sarah. Those last few moments reminded me vividly of my own last delivery and I truly could sympathize with Sarah in that moment.

last pushes
Yep, it was intense.
12:01 pm
Sarah was so ecstatic. I’ve never seen such tears of joy!
birth joy

first look
Check out all the vernix on the baby. It was so thick and plentiful, Sarah joked about bottling it and using it as body lotion.
long legs

new baby waterborn

vernix baby
12:24pm Baby and Dad
holding dad

new dad

waiting patiently
12:32pm Midwife April Kermani doing the newborn exam
april kermani newborn exam

april kermani

protective father

glowing mama
What a sweet family!
sweet family
“Baby’s here!” it says, “She was fast. We’re just snuggling and…”
sending out the texts
Congrats Sarah on a quick labor & delivery!!!