Since it only rains here once or twice year (ok, slight exaggeration), it’s pretty exciting when it does rain. Lightning, thunder, flash floods, and…. dry lake beds that aren’t so dry anymore! When I realized the lake bed was full, I had a vision in my head. I got the kiddos dressed, finally convinvced them to get somewhat close to the water and shot away. One wouldn’t smile at me, one wouldn’t get in the water, and neither wanted stand next to each other, let alone pose like what I had in mind (my vision). We had a great time nonetheless and I am really pleased, even though my end product looks nothing like my original inspiration. I was imagining this Pink Floyd album cover and I really thought they were dancing on water of sorts. Imagine my surprise when I came home after our wet lake bed adventures and realized I was remembering the album cover completely wrong! lol.  Enjoy!